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Meditation made easy

Many people tell me they don’t know how to meditate or that it’s too hard for them. They keep telling themselves to “stop thinking” while they are trying to sit in meditation. The thing is, the brain is designed to think, that’s its job. It is just doing what it knows how to do and that’s ok! So when a thought comes in, allow it to be there. Just observe it without judgment and it will pass. Then another thought will come in. Keep allowing them and observing them without having an emotional response to them. They will eventually quiet down and with practice eventually may stop.

As I was teaching a class this weekend, just when we started our breathing a fire truck sped by with its sirens blasting. Then another, then another, then another. This was a perfect example of what life can be like. There will always be outside “noise” or maybe even chaos. I told the class to notice the sounds (how could you not!) without judging them or having an emotional response to them and they will pass. They did. So during our meditations, and in our daily lives, If we can learn to find stillness and peace within us even with noise going on around us (kids, emails, cell phones, fire trucks) that is meditation in action.

I always suggest starting a meditation practice by sitting down in a quiet place and observing your breath for 5 minutes. Then adding 2-3 minutes each week. You can also say a mantra in your head like “OM” or “I am” on the inhale “at peace” on the exhale. Let it be easy and don’t judge yourself. If that tape playing in your head of your to do list doesn’t let up at first, stuck with it and it will. Each time you meditate you bring a little more peace and calm to your life. Give it a try and let me know how you do!!!

With love and gratitude,


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