STRENGTHEN your body

EMPOWER your mind

IGNITE your soul

Studio VMX is Westchester's premier boutique modern pilates studio. The foundation of our signature hybrid pilates method is meaningful movement. We believe in the connection between the body, mind and soul. Our program will help you achieve and maintain an active, healthy, centered lifestyle. We'll encourage you to slow down, connect to your breath, and mentally tune in to the muscle groups you are working in each movement. We'll help you stay in the present moment and get in your zone. You will leave feeling a sense of peace and accomplishment!

Our 60 minute hybrid  modern pilates method is high intensity & low impact, working the whole body with a strong emphasis on the core. We practice slow, controlled, functional movements on the Xformer machine to increase strength, flexibility, & balance. Continuous tension on the muscles activates slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers that promote, long, lean, muscles.

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